Who We Are

Set Her Free is a non-profit organization that is working to restore the lives of young girls formerly enslaved by the sex trades—the most vile form of child labor. We currently run a home situated in the Kawempe division of Kampala, Uganda. This serves as a temporary residence that provides not only food and shelter, but also formal education, technical training, counseling, medical care, mentoring, and resettlement opportunities. Above all, we give them the love they have been denied.

Robinah Sarah


Robin Nestler


Kiran Dhaliwal

VP of Fundraising

Laura Ciarocca

VP of Organizational Development

SHF was founded by Robinah Sarah, a Ugandan women who lives outside the city of Kampala. She has spent many years walking the dirt paths of several city slums speaking to the young girls she finds in the brothels. She offers them a chance to leave their current lifestyle and live as a child again.

Robinah Sarah has been a resident of Kampala Uganda since her young teen years. She is originally from the district of Rakai, a small village a few hours from the city. She was an orphan at a very young age but was fortunate to be raised by her large extended family. She had an interest in the young girls after spending much time in the slums of Kampala. Her focus has been to talk with these young girls who are into prostitution as a way of survival and to help them to make better life choices. Robinah’s dream has always been to run a home for these girls. After working with several other organizations, Robinah founded Set Her Free in January 2011 and it is ever growing.


Robin Nestler: Being the mother of 4 grown children, I acquired a desire late in life to visit Africa and to experience life there. In November 2009, I embarked upon my first, yet not to be my last, journey to Uganda. I had led several volunteer trips to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and I loved knowing I could be of help to the victims there. My first trip to Uganda left me with the same hunger to help. The young girls I had met and grown to love were the products of poverty and abandonment, which resulted in a life of sexual exploitation. They sought the opportunity to escape this lifestyle and find a sense of purpose and self worth. Together, with a wonderful Ugandan woman named Robinah, Set Her Free was founded. Robinah rescues young girls from life in the brothels. She mentors them and gives them the love they so desperately deserve. These young girls and women have ignited such a positive change in my life and I, in turn, hope to ignite the same change in theirs.


Kiran Dhaliwal: Born in India, I have seen how difficult it is for women to escape poverty and in turn, exploitation. I have lived in the USA most of my life so the power of what I see in my return trips becomes vivid. I have always wanted to help young girls escape this fate but never knew how until now. The young women of Kampala Uganda came to me thru my older daughter Meghan, now 21. At age 18 she traveled to Uganda where she met Robinah and the girls of “Set Her Free.” She fell in love with these young girls and saw how they struggled to better their lives. She vowed to Robinah that she would help them in any way possible. Meghan brought this mission to our home. Even our 17 year old daughter, Madelyne has also become involved through her Interact Club and has been developing fundraising projects. My involvement with my Rotary Club as well as the service work my parents taught me has made me understand the motto “service above self.” I try to live up to this every day. I see the reward in giving and the joy I receive in helping others. Thru Rotary, my passion and my commitment for community and worldwide service continue to grow. Everyone in my life continues to inspire me. On a personal note, I look forward to my 1st trip to Kampala, Uganda so I can meet Mommy Robinah and these amazing young ladies who are empowering themselves to change their world.


Laura Ciarocca:Throughout my life I have raised a family and have two adult children.  My husband and I have served our community in many ways.  I was a prolific volunteer with the school system in the town I live in.  After many years of volunteer activity I made the decision to pursue a college education, something that I had not had the opportunity to achieve in the past.  In five and a half years I received Associates, Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  One of my classmates in graduate school is an executive with UNICEF who has been based in many challenging areas in the eastern part of the world.   Another very good friend began her career as an envoy to the Vatican, quite literally saving babies by setting up orphanages and hospitals in war torn parts of the world.  I was greatly influenced by the work of both of these women.  When I finished my education and ventured into, and out of, the world of employment, my expertise turned to running, changing, and improving businesses and non-profit organizations.  Through my husband’s long-time participation with the Rotary Club, I was introduced to Set Her Free.  My interest in empowering young women, along with my expertise in building strong non-profit organizations were brought together in a relationship that I know will be long term and beneficial to the young women I hope my work will benefit greatly.


Our Mission

To empower young women of Uganda to become self-sustaining by providing a safe environment, education, and rehabilitation.

Our Vision

A community of young women empowered, self-sustaining, and free from exploitation.

How We Help

Set Her Free provides all the necessary training and support to give women a chance to be loved and help them succeed, including: